Covid - 19 Log in

As part of the current Covid 19 regulations customers are asked to enrol on the ZOE track and trace to be able to use their holiday homes and also to Log in and Log out of the park on their arrival and departure.

Please sign in on your arrival to the park by filling in the below form with your arrival date and then again when you sign out.

These are strange times and a new way of life we have to get used to so we apologise for this small inconvenieince and thankyou for your support on this matter.

NHS Covid Track& Trace QR Code

For those of you who also wish to Log in using the NHS app then please use the QR code provided here or printed and placed in the office Door and on the entrance to the park.

This app will log you into the park and will notify you if you have been on the park at the same time as anyone else who has since contracted Covid-19.

Please still use our Log-in system also as regulations insist we keep records of who is on site and when.

If during your stay at Neuadd Bridge you  suffer any symptoms of Covid-19 can you kindly please return home immediately. Please Log Out of the park when you leave and inform the park of your condition. Please then follow the national guidlines for isolation within your household. Thankyou for your co-operation on this regulation.


Covid-19 Log In
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